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Reading the workbook is just a fifth of the work you must do to ready an article for a journal. Using the workbook according to your temperament; by yourself; in a writing group; with a writing partner; with coauthors; or to teach a class or workshop.

writing your journal article in twelve weeks pdf

When the workbook task is to submit your journal article to someone else for review, do so with others from your group. Becker Joseph E. To use the workbook in this way, find three or more people who want to revise an article and are willing to commit to doing so in the same time frame.

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Day 3, analyzing the quality, relevance, and placement of your evidence. The first task for day 1 is to read the material that follows. Your tasks: Designing a plan for submitting your article in twelve weeks. Although initially it may seem forced, people who make written commitments to each other find that they are more productive. In that case, the editor will sometimes send the article to yet another reviewer, to split the difference. If you want some sense of how others completed the tasks or how the tasks helped them, check out such blogs. It also aids reviewers in judging articles frankly, without fear of retribution should the author turn out to be in a position of power over the reviewer. Finally, treat all drafts and discussions as confidential, as the group must be a safe place for peo- ple to present their writing at any stage. For those students who did not meet their commitment, the instructor prompt- ly sent their check to that loathed organization along with their phone number, so they got on annoying call lists. Benson and Susan C. Good description of the academic journal landscape introduced throughout her lesson plan, which can be helpful for first time writers.

If you do that, you will complete and submit your article to a journal. I have divided these disciplines into two tracks. You and your partner complete the tasks independently, but meet in person once a week to go over the assignments and exchange writing.

Writing your journal article in twelve weeks, second edition: a guide to academic publishing success

The workbook was not originally written for those in the natural sciences. The times listed for the duration of each task are minimums; some tasks may take quite a bit longer. As a novice writer in the academic sense, I found the book helpful for making sure one starts writing and keeps writing thro One of the reasons I rated this book so highly was the fact that I had the opportunity to use it as a part of a graduate class on revising writing. Dozens of articles have been published about the positive results of using this workbook to teach writing. The systems for that peer review can vary greatly. Day 1, reading the workbook. If your department already has a journal reading group or writing group, use it as a base. Writing your article from scratch with an idea. I hope that you find this second edition even more useful than the first. Your tasks: Revising your structure.

The systems for that peer review can vary greatly. Keys to positive writing experiences: suc- cessful academic writers write; read; make writing social; persist despite rejection; and pursue their passions.

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Day 5, checking your presentation of evidence by section. If you have the print version, go ahead and write your Using This Workbook 5 responses directly on the pages. Your tasks: Revising your presentation of evidence. Keep them coming! Fantastic example of original version, plagiarized version, borderline plagiarized and correctly summarized text which shoul Overall, the book is definitely highly structured and good for those who need a great deal of help managing their time in what is always an onerous task. If you like a structured approach and the security of detailed instructions, then proceed through the workbook in sequence. So I have added a chapter to help anyone who wants to use the workbook to write an article from its very inception. So I was delighted that academics came to regard this workbook as the bible of journal article publishing, the one text on the subject that they used.

That said, I did rearrange or add a few chapters: I moved the chapter about argument to the second week, since it undergirds the book and your writing, and I added chapters about analyzing evidence and claiming significance.

Task Types There are five types of tasks in this book. Strategies for getting reading done: reading theoretical literature; re- lated literature; and original, primary, or exhibit literature.

I have continued to assume that its main readers are those who have published little or not at all.

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