Why the death penalty should be banned essay

More and more states began to ban capital punishment for ordinary crimes or entirely ban the system all together The actual cost of an execution is substantially higher than the cost of imprisoning a person for life. When a person is put on death row, it can take several years until the death penalty is actually carried out.

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This is because it touches the most sensitive issue governing the very basis of civilization — i. Story continues below The death penalty is unjust and morally wrong. The right to life is taken for granted without thinking twice, however, due to the laws of this country the freedom we take for granted can be taken away with the mistakes we made. Other than that, the main argument for this is that such a punishment is depicted through Biblical and religious views. It would rather have then suffer in jail for the rest of their life without parole. March 29, In more recent times we now see many countries abolishing the death penalty. Capital punishment is the lawful infliction of death as a punishment and since ancient times, it has been used for a wide variety of offences.

Those that are for the death penalty argue that it does work to deter crime. Abolish the death penalty because, first, it costs more for a death penalty than keeping a criminal alive.

Death penalty should be abolished

This punishment has been used by many states, and is normally used for serious crimes, especially murder. However, many people argue against this. Stephen and Bright, Furthermore, it is barbaric, over expensive and innocents often die If you trade an eye for an eye the whole world will be blind - literally, what gives the justice system the right to take the priceless human life? Death sentences have been carried out by such means of crucifixion, drowning, burning alive, quartering, and even impalement - just to name a few. The question now is, is that logical? Capital punishment is also known as the death penalty. If the offender convicted of a felony could show that he had be ordained, he was allowed to go free, subject to the possibility of being punished by the ecclesiastical courts. In order to discuss the valuable existence of the death penalty, it is might make sense to bring two questions must; whether there is strong reason to implement the death penalty; and whether the death penalty is a suitable method to solve the problem. Other than that, the act of killing the convict is also a cruel act. This is a process that can take years. As well there are also many countries that have abolished death penalty and murderers thus get life sentences for their crimes while in other countries like China and many USA states are still cruelly punishing a lot of people in this way. They talk about how it is going to be much more expensive to keep the prisoners in jail for the rest of their lives.

University of Chicago Press, This can mean that there can be errors and mistakes made that can end up sending an innocent person to his or her death with regards to execution. Others see it as a very important tool in fighting violent intentional murder.

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This punishment has been used by many states, and is normally used for serious crimes, especially murder.

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Why the Death Penalty Should be Banned Essay