The notion of domestication essay

Domestication has vastly enhanced the reproductive output of crop plants, livestock, and pets far beyond that of their wild progenitors.

Dingoes have been wild in Australia for more than 3, years and retain the smaller brains of their domesticated ancestors.

It was not until 11, YBP that people living in the Near East entered into relationships with wild populations of aurochsboar, sheep, and goats.

Domestication syndrome

His fancy pigeons all interbred freely, and it seemed unlikely that a different species corresponded to each particular characteristic, none of which lived on in the wild. In the past. People often use dogs for security, or you might just need a companion-someone who depends on you. Animal Domestication About the same time they domesticated plants, people in Mesopotamia began to tame animals for meat, milk, and hides. From this perspective, animal domestication is a coevolutionary process in which a population responds to selective pressure while adapting to a novel niche that included another species with evolving behaviors. What is the appeal of having an unusual animal in your home? The process of domestication was assumed to have been initiated by humans, involved few individuals and relied on reproductive isolation between wild and domestic forms, but the study found that the assumption of reproductive isolation with population bottlenecks was not supported. Animals can be friends, or workers.

The Single Genetic Regulatory Network Hypothesis claims that genetic changes in upstream regulators affect downstream systems. A study going on since has been trying to recreate the change from wolf to dog, looking at foxes. Cats seem to have come into our lives this way, lured by the grain-eating rodents that accompanied the earliest farmers in the Middle East some 12, years ago.

domestic animals essay for grade 1

Those animals established a commensal relationship with humans in which the animals benefited but the humans received no harm but little benefit. And it was probably advantageous for domestic animals to have reduced sensory acuity. In the wild there is no artificial selection so dog domestication definitely took a lot longer

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Essay on Domestication