Teaching vocabulary game thesis

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Teacher introduces some words which related with topic. Games embody the communicative approach; they provide active involvemen of the whole person intellectual, physical, social and emotional.

The media can be picture, flash cards, object, puppet, cassette, projector and many others object surround them. Guessing game is one of some games in teaching technique. Games will help the students to improve their motivation in leraning english, so they will be more serious to learn.

journal about teaching vocabulary using games

Guessing word can be used for concrete nouns. So that he could finish writing this thesis.

The effectiveness of using games in teaching vocabulary

Guess the object is students guess vocabulary item from the definitions. Unfortunately, many teachers still feel that game is only for a short time, to give a class break from the monotony of drilling, and some teacher consider games merely frivolous activity. You do not need many materials to play these games in some cases you need only your regular black board or classroom props. Games provide context for play, reason for playing and routine for playing. It belongs to fair. Sometimes researcher helped the students if they got problem in doing the test. Well-chosen games are invaluable as they give students a break and at the same time allow students to practise language skills. Ono, A. It means teacher has skills in playing games, singsong etc to make them enjoy and interest in learning. So, teaching vocabulary-using games as methodolgy in learning — teaching process and the teaching materials for children less than five years old which is related with their surround, it means the vocabulary which related and introducing things surround them such as family names, naming of alphabet, name of number.

Game will make learners be fun in studying because they will enjoy to study. After that checking the students attendance then giving motivation to all the students.

Journal about teaching vocabulary using games

Elementary communication games. It was the last meeting in the second cycle. Carrier, M. Play games, singsongs, say rhymes and chants together. It was the last meeting in the first cycle. Find Someone Who is a well known example. They are planning an action, implementating and action, observing the action and reflecting the action. The use of Games To increase the vocabulary we need media to be used. Refdi, A. There two criteria that have to be consulted. The implementation was actually the manifestation of what was designed in the lesson plan. Sukiman, her beloved mother Hj. It was caused by some students in groups still needed more understanding to understand about the text.

Giving homework. Five minutes before bell 33 ring, she commanded for students to collect their answer sheets and closed the meeting.

Teaching vocabulary game thesis

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Teaching English Vocabulary Using Games