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Laws and court precedent on student rights in discipline and dismissal[ edit ] Right to protection from ability discrimination in discipline and dismissal The Americans With Disabilities Act [] and Section of the Rehabilitation Act protect students against discrimination based on ability.

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All student publications shall explicitly state on the editorial page that the opinions there expressed are not necessarily those of the college, system or student body. The Student Code of Conduct should be read broadly and is not designed to define misconduct in exhaustive terms.

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However, she was influenced by her grandmother growing up, and this contributed to her sense of social justice and racism Such conduct may include: explicit or implicit threats, including gestures which place a person in reasonable fear of unwelcome physical contact, harm, or death; following a person about in a public place or to or from his or her residence; making remarks in a public place to a specific person which are by common usage lewd, obscene, expose a person to public hatred, or that can reasonably be expected to have a tendency to cause acts of violence by the person to whom the remark is addressed; or communicating anonymously by voice or graphic means, or making a telephone call, anonymously, whether or not a conversation ensues.

Students must refrain from conduct that threatens or endangers the health, safety, well-being, or dignity of any person. Ticket Scalping Selling tickets to University functions or events for a price in excess of the price printed on the ticket is prohibited.

A suspended student will be considered for readmission only after filing the Request for Readmission Form, with all supporting documents, i.

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School is a place where students go to learn a curriculum given by government officials. Even though the student was guilty, the College Athletes Should Not Get Paid for Play words - 4 pages in 23 sports and 88 national championships. To the extent possible, class schedules will list the names of faculty teaching courses. It may exclude evidence that is irrelevant, immaterial or repetitious. Discipline authority may be delegated to University officials and committees as set forth in this Code, in accordance with other University policies, rules, or regulations and as deemed appropriate by the Vice President for the Division of Student Development and Services. United States[ edit ] In the US, students have many rights accorded by bills or laws e. When she applied to undertake internal training in new information services, her application was denied because management thought she was too old to learn new information technology like Internet and World Wide Web Marketing. After a sexual assault has been reported at the institution, and upon the request of the alleged victim, the victim shall be offered an alternative academic, living or employment situation if such alternative is available, feasible, and appropriate to the facts of the sexual assault reported.

Laws and court precedent on student residence or residence hall rights[ edit ] Right to have visitors in residence hall rooms Good v.

After reading the charges, the accused will be asked to enter a plea. Therefore, JCC places these responsibilities upon students: Activities Clubs and organizations are strongly urged to sponsor activities on campus throughout the academic year.

This is mostly true for students who attend public schools. Willfully failing to comply with instructions of University officials acting in performance of their duties c.

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Disruption or interference with the orderly conduct of a judicial proceeding d.

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Student Code of Conduct