Steps to writing a motivational speech

Second, state a clear vision.

Short motivational speech examples

Audiences may react to your words, whether they nod or shake their heads, laugh, cry, or get shocked; you should be getting a response from them. The Conclusion Your speech should have a conclusion. Second, state a clear vision. Use analogies that teach the unknown by way of the known. Blah, blah, blah. Second, I often find that no matter how long I think it will take to deliver remarks when I'm rehearsing, it usually takes longer when it's "for real. Keep it Simple Remember, this is a speech in a school ceremony. It may take a few days of making notes, re-reading them several times and thinking things through. Commit to your subject of choice, and begin using your outline to write the speech. Why this audience?

It broadens the scope of their expertise, and also keeps the speech from sounding like it is "all about them. Practice your speech in front of a mirror.

Steps to writing a motivational speech

Good luck. It also helps ensure a logical flow to your thoughts and points. Is this a subject that is important, that has lasting significance? Motivation comes from believing to be able to pursue their dreams and goals, and believing comes from the heart. Engage your audience. These are the lessons I've learned from the best practitioners, and that I share with my ghostwriting clients. As Albert Einstein pointed out, it should be as simple as possible — but not simpler.

Have a Point in Your Speech When giving a speech, always think what will be the point of your speech. Imagine that your relationship with the audience began before you arrived and will continue after you leave.

how to write a motivational speech examples

I've rewritten it many times, however, and frankly I was a few dozen drafts deep into it before I realized that I could keep the audience on track by organizing the whole thing around an acronym: M-U-R-P-H.

For example: When company founder William Woods was only 10 years old, he lived with his eight siblings in a two-room house with no heat or indoor plumbing. We're simply wired to react better to stories than to recitations.

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How to Write an Inspiring Speech