Secondary data collection dissertation

Other documents include official statistics, datasets statistical dataand banks of interview transcripts which are all freely available to the academic community.

secondary data collection methods

You will use this kind of methodology when you want to investigate the relationship between certain variables in two data sets or when you want to compare findings from two past studies.

This will help you to generalise the previously-obtained qualitative results to a broader population.

example of research paper using secondary data pdf

Level 6 students at Sheffield Hallam University I chose primary data because it would enable me to build skills that would be useful for postgraduate study. You will be able to work with much larger datasets than you could have collected yourself.

Often people link deductive research with quantitative experiments or surveys, and inductive research with qualitative interviews or ethnographic work. What are Primary Sources? It would take you at least a year to complete this research project.

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Secondary data collation and analysis