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Nucleosynthesis and nuclear fusion

Find out where the microwave background and helium came from. However, helium-4 is also a standard product of stellar nuclear fusion. While the helium-3 content can only be determined with substantial uncertainty, the results appear to be the same for all regions, whatever their distance to the galactic center. As both the predictions and the analyses of observations are bound to improve over time, some changes are to be expected. That is why we said earlier that we and the Earth are made from the stuff processed in the centers of stars and blown out by supernove - "star stuff" indeed! They concluded that the redshift occurred due to the expansion of space. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

One part of his work concerns the evolution of Lithium-plateau stars, which is important for observational tests of the predictions of Big Bang Nucleosynthesis.

However, helium-4 is also a standard product of stellar nuclear fusion.

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Balser, Naturep. They discovered that the light from the nebulae increased in wavelength.

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Given current models of stellar evolution, this is a surprising result - they predict an overall increase of helium-3 due to stellar nuclear fusion. What is outside our horizon? Deuterium and high-redshift quasars For deuterium with a nucleus containing one proton and one neutron , another of the light elements produced in Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, the situation is somewhat different. What do we mean by unification of forces? They concluded that the redshift occurred due to the expansion of space. In stellar nuclear fusion processes, any deuterium that might be present- whether primordial or more recent - is quickly converted to helium How does surface brightness vary with redshift? Hence, in the interior of stars, light elements are constantly created from even lighter precursors, and destroyed as subsequent fusion produces heavier atomic nuclei. Here are some maps of the sky at a wavelength of about 3mm made by the COBE satellite in its 4-year lifetime: The upper panel shows a strong variation in the temperature coded from blue to red, with blue cooler than the average and red hotter than the average from one side of the sky to the other. When the temperature cooled down below K, deuterium nuclei combined with other nuclei to form heavier ones. My PhD thesis at Caltech was on observations looking for anisotropy on angular scales of 2' to 7' arcmintues. Binding energy is the energy required to break down a nucleus into its components. Using the observed abundances today though finding a cloud of gas that hasn't been contaminated by supernovae ejecta is difficult can pinpoint the time of nucleosynthesis.

An overview of Big Bang Nucleosynthesis can be found in the spotlight text Big Bang Nucleosynthesis: Cooking up the first light elements ; information about the physics behind the predictions in Equilibrium and change.

After the first three minutes, the universe cooled down to a point where atomic nuclei can form. More neutrons relative to protons changes the relative abundances of helium-3 versus helium-4, and deuterium and lithium When cosmic rays collide with interstellar gas, one of the possible results are lithium-7 nuclei.

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What time t after the big bang was the universe at temperature T?

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Primordial Alchemy: From The Big Bang To The Present Universe