Reading books and using computers

Read e-Books on your Computer If you prefer using standalone programs on your computer, instead of relying on your Internet browser, both Kindle and Nook offer free software that you can download to read books on your computer. Conclusion: I think for me both computer and book has equal importance and it depends on us how we use them.

A book is portable, it can be taken to the park, on holiday etc, schools PC's cannot.

books vs technology essay

At the same time, harmful to the environment when computers disposed at open grounds they release the harmful chemical such as lead and mercury into the environment. Furthermore, computers enable employees to work from home which saves time as well as some expenses for their travel.

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Advantages of books

You can read a book anywhere. Read e-Books in Your Browser Although some may be averse to reading books on the computer, this is a great option for reading ebooks. I can take it with me on the train, in a car, a horse-drawn buggy. We can only judge a personVisal G- page 2up to some extent when we look at their books. We had no models of how to use them because there were none around when we were in school, therefore just about everything we do with them is an experiment. But where computers are really going to shine in conjunction with the internet is online courses of education. Kelly, UK Why should there be any distinction? But, from my experience all I seen on planes is peoplesleeping, people watching movies and people working on their computers.

Reading material will be bound together as a professional book publisher might do this. Matt Peak, America I am not altogether sure we should be pitting these against each other.

Which is better means of education computer or books

Computer Advantages: Computers make our tasks much easier to handle. What tests? Books are the containers of the knowledge that have helped human to get to the highest range of develop. Therefore, I rest my case! This achievement has made the companies to connect transacting, order for goods and purchase them easily. One can argue that instead of schools compiling books in the library of which they contain same information but put in different context, they should installs computers for children to do their research easily. Equally, computers are also valuable tools, but all too often schools have so little knowledge of their uses and functions that they do little more than play simple games on them. Also I have always felt that the things I read from the books stays etched in my mind for a long time.

We should see computers as a very important tool, and learn to differentiate between understanding the principles of computing and the nuts and bolts of particular applications.

Now these books maintain their history alive. A tool that is changing so fast that many skills given now to the under 10s will never be used.

advantages and disadvantages of replacing books with computers

Some people believe in the words completely and the atmosphere that supports preferably using a book than a computer. In finding information for instance if you want to find the history of martin Luther king, one can open a computer page and access the information provided one has internet.

Books vs technology debate

Not only do they make it so you can adjust your screen for for better ergonomics, they also make it so you can pull the monitor toward you and get a closer look at the screen when you need it. I can even take it with me to my bed, in my back yard and on the bus. But computers are also useful, and being able to search for information on them is invaluable for research. Computers have proven to complete task by saving time and get the job done quickly and easily. Many people believe readingfrom the computer is not the same as holding the book and reading it, These people probably nevertried reading e-books. They are also cheaper and lighter and don't need electricity - try playing a computer game up a tree! Computers are just useful devices. Books are the containers of the knowledge that have helped human to get to the highest range of develop. If students use computer to search for information, in the websites there are lots of advertise such as games that make them to paly it. Oranges are much better than apples. Advertisement Set Up an Adjustable Monitor Stand Advertisement One thing you may have caught yourself doing when reading is leaning into the screen when you're deep into a good chunk of text. But is this really a good thing?

Gill, UK I think this says more about the appalling lack of knowledge on computers in our schools, than anything else. You have no problems with bookmarks.

computer vs books essay
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Computer vs. Books Essay