Questions to ask yourself when writing a book

What is the most humiliating, painful extremity your hero will experience? These are the greatest determinants of whether they are going to buy or not, and also the best determinant of whether a publisher will publish you or not.

Do you care about getting a traditional publishing deal?

questions to ask yourself when writing a book

Make continual course corrections on the way to your goal. How would you sum up the book — in a sentence or two?

questions to ask when starting a book

What expresses it besides costumes, props, architecture and means of transportation and communication? Is anybody willing to give up? Answer these in your writing and you will be able to publish your own book in no time.

What does she stand to gain if she succeeds? See last week's post Next we will talk about what the character wants and how this human desire will also help make the character easy to relate to.

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3 Essential Questions to Ask When Writing a Book