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We have to arrange one IR sensor for each road; these sensors always sense the traffic on that particular road. Digital Voltmeter using Microcontroller : This is a simple digital voltmeter circuit designed using microcontroller.

There is an LCD display for displaying the power. It is based on the principle of driving LEDs using the clock pulses.

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File Save as Enter file name with extension. A microcontroller based control of induction motor is very useful in chemical, cement and textile industries where desired speed can be achieved. A microcontroller based industrial sorting system based on color sensing and metal detection is developed here. The timings are programmed in the microcontroller and the respective solenoid valves open or close accordingly. Dspic microcontrollers are also very famous in the digital signal processing field. It is a microcontroller based system with RF based communication. A microcontroller based automatic blind control system is developed in this project. Real time clocks are used in various electronic appliances, digital cameras, mobile phones, hospitals etc.

Sun Tracking Solar Panel : This article describes about circuit that rotates solar panel. Real time clock is a very useful time maintain system which runs even in the absence of power.

Microprocessor mini projects based on 8086

A temperature sensor is used and the speed of the DC motor varies according to the temperature. A GPS based speedometer is implemented in this project. This circuit works on the principle of IR communication. Port D lines are used for column scanning and row reading. In this project, a speed control system for vehicles is proposed at places like mentioned above. It can be used to measure the power of a load. A lead acid battery is used.

To reduce the human intervention and reduce errors, a prepaid energy meter system based on AVR microcontroller is implemented.

Ultrasonic Rangefinder using : This circuit explains you how to measure the distance using microcontroller.

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Seven Segment Display: A seven-segment display abbreviation: "7-segment display" , less commonly known as a seven-segment indicator, is a form of display device that is an alternative to the more complex dot-matrix displays. An LCD display and alarm are included to indicate the status of the charge on the battery. This system can be used in UPS, hybrid vehicles, regular electric vehicles etc. People lose their lives because of poor emergency facilities and not getting help on time. Digital data are sent to Port D lines. The microcontroller is used to establish a path based on the received captured images from the camera. When the tank is full, the relay turns the motor off. Up on detection of a cardiac arrest or any heart disorder , an alert is sent to doctor and personal contact. In this project, an microcontroller AT89C based digital tachometer is implemented with highly accurate results. It helps to control the home appliances using DTMF technology. A system is designed which does a real time water quality management. The proposed scheme has all the characteristics of a modern UPS. It consists of voting unit, a control unit, a display unit and a power supply unit.
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