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why is it important to know your audience when writing a business message?

Keep in mind that as your topic shifts in the writing process, your audience may also shift. Don't assume all profs are the same! Provide facts and not just opinions. Rather, this reader is looking for a more academic less personal investigation of the issue of obedience.

importance of audience in writing

Because focusing on audience will enhance your writing, your process, and your finished product, you must consider the specific traits of your audience members.

Those important questions you previously answered may now require different answers. Don't write like someone you're not. They may be a group of similar people or combinations of different groups of people.

writing for different audiences activity

Should you wear your suit and dress shirt? If you want to brag about a good grade, you may write the post to please family members. Imagine that you recently had a car accident and you were partially responsible.

So what kinds of questions can you ask to help you understand your professor as your main reader? Your tone should never be too personal.

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Writing for an Audience