Overpopulation is bad but over consumption is worse

We need things consumed, burned up, worn out, replaced, and discarded at an ever increasing rate. Thanks to the increasing eradication of childhood diseases, for the first time in human history most children now get to grow up.

Wilson how many people the planet could sustain indefinitely. In half the world today, the fertility rate is at the long-term replacement level of just over two, or lower. When the consumer takes in too much, this not only explains losses at the beginning of the stage at production and overproduction but also lends itself to overconsumption of energy and protein, having harmful effects on the body.

Excessive consumption synonym

I once asked the great ecologist E. Well, population growth is coming down. Consequently, the 1. The planet certainly could not take 5. But it also shows that confronting serious environmental problems will take more than just slowing population growth. We even think of ourselves as "consumers" and "shopping" is a recreation. Of course, you might argue the world is already overpopulated. Keep in mind, though, that most environmental devastation is not directly caused by individuals or households, but by corporations driven more by profits than human needs. Causes[ edit ] In understanding the effects of over-consumption, it is pertinent to understand what causes the phenomenon. Looking at the two largest sectors of over consumption, the fashion and food industries, we can see most of the harmful effects on the Earth starting here. But the great disparity in income and consumption between rich and poor countries cannot be ignored. Since the developing nations are rising quickly into the consumer class, it is important to note the trends happening in these nations. With these methods, the products are intentionally designed to be discarded after a short amount of time.

But we won't get started until we stop trying to shift the responsibility elsewhere. Other aspects of losses surrounding dry matter came at each stage in the food system, the highest amount being from livestock production at But possessions can't fill the emotional and spiritual needs for human relationships, community and some purpose beyond accumulation of wealth and goods.

We even think of ourselves as "consumers" and "shopping" is a recreation.

overconsumption and overpopulation

The planet could not support 5. And if so, what can we do about it? Share via Email If the prediction of 11 billion is correct, will overpopulation be the driver of ecological apocalypse?

Geneticist David Suzuki is a writer, broadcaster and leading analyst of social and environmental issues.

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