Optimal temperature for enzyme amylase biology essay

Cold temperatures on the other hand affect the enzyme in a different way, in cold temperature the enzymes shape is not affected like denaturing because the temperature is lower the enzymes and particles will have less energy, so n turn they move around slower and the rate of reaction decreases.

Amylase enzyme temperature

Contamination of the spot plate can produce a different color and can result in error for example, if starch particles are already on the spot plate then this can change the data. Since pancreatic amylase is a digestive enzyme its optimum temperature would be boy temperature ie. In real experiments, limitations can occur and it is very important to consider that fact in order to analyze our data better. I predict that the enzymes will not work at CO because there is little to no energy for the substrate and enzyme to interact in order for them to react, the experiment should show this by dark purple samples on the spotting plate. The rate of reaction increases with temperature to a maximum level, then abruptly declines with further increase of temperature Worthington Biochemical Corporation, Introduction Enzyme kinetics is the study of rates of chemical reactions. Denaturation was also clearly indicated with regards to fungal amylase. The same applies for the optimal pH.

Related Papers. These two values also had the highest reaction rates. During this experiment we collected a lot of data and this made possible to understand why enzymes have an important use in our life but also in industries. This experiment on enzymes was done to help convey how environmental factors affect the activity of an enzyme.

In the other site low temperature restricted the movement of molecules and in this condition hydrolysis occurred but too slowly; that was why the presence of starch remaining at this temperature appeared after more time.

The process of denaturation…. Enzymatic activity is a microscopic process that effects our lives everyday. However, the greatest change in delta A occurred at ph of 4.

the effect of temperature on amylase activity conclusion

Each enzyme has an optimum pH and temperature at which the reaction rate is greatest and the enzyme is most active.

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