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So excited was he to demonstrate this fact to Isabella that he kidnapped some thirty natives and ferried them back to Iberia.

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Does it dishonor the heritage of Italian-Americans, a group that has also faced discrimination? Leif Eriksson and the Vikings beat him to it five centuries earlier. In he tried unsuccessfully to get support from King John II of Portugal, whose experts believed Columbus had underestimated how far he would need to sail. What do you know about Christopher Columbus, and what did you learn about him in school? Imagine you then welcomed these invaders with open arms, giving them the benefit of the doubt and engaging in the trade of goods with these invaders, only to find out later that you would be forced into slavery and murdered by the same people you welcomed with open arms. But for countless people in my community, Columbus, and Columbus Day, represent an opportunity to celebrate our contributions to this country. Native Americans were very vulnerable to the foreign diseases that the Europeans brought overseas. This time off greatly benefits students, as they have a chance to decompress and relax during an ever-stressful semester. Below, more information about the movements to remove statues of Columbus and replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day — as well as an Op-Ed that questions those movements. These simple charlatans could not grasp the revolutionary insight our friend Columbus knew: the world is round! Columbus may indeed have had noble intentions when he sailed west, but his agreement with Spain suggests his intentions were far from selfless. Contrary to popular myth, Columbus did not set out to prove that the world was round, but rather that it was possible to sail around it, a voyage the explorer drastically underestimated. He would return to the Americas multiple times, exploring not out of curiosity, but to enslave, seize gold, and slaughter any natives who opposed him. We believe Christopher Columbus represents the values of discovery and risk that are at the heart of the American dream, and that it is our job as the community most closely associated with his legacy to be at the forefront of a sensitive and engaging path forward, toward a solution that considers all sides.

Below, more information about the movements to remove statues of Columbus and replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day — as well as an Op-Ed that questions those movements.

Regardless, he called the local people indios, or Indians. Now imagine trying to sail a 15th-century schooner from Spain, across that ocean, all the way to India.

We are proud of our heritage.

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Should all Christopher Columbus statues across the United States be taken down? He also brought over and introduced foreign crops, livestock, and steel guns to the Americas. They also figured out, by measuring stars and shadows, you could come to a pretty close approximation of how big the world was. That's one of the lessons of history. A testament to his character, Columbus would later tell Isabella he was the one who laid eyes on the new world, so he could win the lifetime pension offered to whoever first spotted new land for the Crown. He wasn't the first to discover the New World, the term generally used to refer to the modern-day Americas. And how do you do it without constructing an anti-myth, pegging the explorer as one of the most evil people to walk the Earth? He also took slaves for display back home and to work in his conquered lands.

The ancient Greeks proved that the Earth was round about 2, years ago, and one even used the shadow of the Earth on the moon during an eclipse to estimate its circumference. We at the National Italian American Foundation strongly condemn the defacing of historical monuments and expect elected officials and law enforcement to protect our public memorials from further damage so that a true conversation on their place in modern society can be organized.

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The voyages of Columbus. Columbus didn't know that his voyage would spread diseases across the continents, of course, but disease wasn't the only problem. By the time he returned to the new lands from his second voyage, He brought with him cannons and attack dogs to fortify his plantation.

By sheer luck, there was an entire continent between India and Europe that would save Columbus and his crew from a miserable death on the high seas. He was not interested in their culture, or language, or beliefs.

But Columbus Day is especially egregious as an unapologetic, state-sanctioned celebration of slavery, genocide, and dehumanization of the native population of the Americas.

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Opinion: Editorial: Columbus Day or not, we need a break