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Rosina, crushed, reveals the elopement plans to Bartolo, who vows to stop the wedding. Berta and Basilio enter as Rosina and the Count triumph over Bartolo. Rosina shows Almaviva the letter and accuses him of betraying her. When Bartolo discovers that Basilio has never heard of Alonso, he decides to marry Rosina without delay.

Rosina is the young ward of the grumpy, elderly Bartolo and she is allowed very little freedom because Bartolo plans to marry her once she is of age and thus appropriate her not inconsiderable dowry. Figaro is anxious for the lovers to be off, but they discover they are unable make their escape because Bartolo has removed the ladder.

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As Bartolo settles in to be shaved, Basilio unexpectedly arrives. The Count and Figaro climb up a ladder to the balcony and enter the room through a window. Rosina is of course delighted when he reveals that he is really her secret admirer. While Bartolo searches his cluttered desk for the official document which would prove his exemption, Almaviva whispers to Rosina that he is Lindoro in disguise, and passes a love-letter to her. The game is up for the lovers — albeit temporarily. Basilio returns with the notary who is ready to marry Rosina to her guardian, but a bribe and threats easily persuades Basilio to witness instead the marriage of Rosina to Almaviva. Although surprised by Bartolo, Rosina manages to fool him, but he remains suspicious. She is eager to see her lover, and Figaro suggests that she write him a letter. Rosina shows Almaviva the letter and accuses him of betraying her. Figaro advises the Count to disguise himself as a drunken soldier, ordered to be billeted with Bartolo, so as to gain entrance to the house. Bartolo gives Figaro the keys so that he can fetch the shaving basin. Bartolo fetches Rosina for her lesson. Bartolo tells the "soldier" that he Bartolo has an official exemption which excuses him from the requirement to quarter soldiers in his home.

They hide as Basilio enters with the notary, calling for Bartolo. When Rosina feigns a fit of weeping, the Count again threatens Bartolo, and everyone calls for help.

A loud crash is heard, causing Bartolo to run off to see what has happened.

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