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These two words are the total opposites of each other.

Is shylock a villain or a tragic figure

He is described by other characters as obsessed with money, and a cruel father to his daughter, Jessica. Then the villain is causing problems and stands out as the mean character. Where things ended for him, they end forever. It is usually very easy to tell the two apart, the victim is the one that gets hurt physically or emotionally. Howard Jacobson: All my books are apocalyptic. Antonio needs three-thousand ducats to send his good friend Bassanio on a romantic journey. In such instances, revenge can be a key motivator in inspiring them to act in a villainous way I intend no ill to Cheshire by doing that. They treat him like a dog and Shylock even says that Antonio has even spit on him. If you tickle us do we not laugh? O my daughter! No, there is never any thinking of him as other than a Jew: the Venetians playboys who spit on him one minute and ask for money from him the next will not allow the Jew in him to be forgotten and, whether as a consequence or by preference, he will not allow the Jew in him to be forgotten either. In order to trace this idea we should know why people in the Elizabethan era hates Jews

Including when Shylock goes to seek justice he is degraded and dehumanised I am looking at a modern point of view, so Shylock is presented with a It would have Another quote that shows how Shylock was treated was said by Gratiano, "O, be thou damned, inexorable dog, And for thy life let justice be accused!

Is Shylock Presented as a Victim or a Villain by Shakespeare Essay Words 7 Pages Over hundreds of years, great men and women of English literature have spent countless hours debating one of the most simple yet controversial questions: What did Shakespeare mean by Shylock?

shylocks punishment in the merchant of venice

Many reasons that have led me to believe that Shylock is So anyway Bassanio is not rich and nor does he come from a rich or wealthy family so this is why he needs the money. The continuos onslaught of comments towards Shylock, makes him a more sympathetic character.

Adjectives for shylock in merchant of venice

He wanted to put these religions together and predict a miscellaneous ending. However, the root cause of their villainy may be a response to the treatment they have endured at the hands of others. Antonio asks Shylock for Ducats to lend to Bassanio, Bassanio needs this money to impress Portia she is the girl he has fallen in love with it was love at first sight basically. There was a great divide between the Jewish and Christian religion when Shakespeare wrote this play. But it is to give him the vitality that I believe Shakespeare intended for him. Also Antonio refers to his clothing and the way he dresses and Antonio disrespects the way Shylock dresses because none of the Christians wear a gabardine. Throughout the play he has been very much a victim, but has also been quite a villain in parts of the play, and to some of the Shylock is the victim because he is seen as being lower than the other characters because he is Jewish, he loses his daughter and money to Lorenzo, and he loses his land, possessions, and forced to convert to Christianity, by getting cheated out of his bond. Shylock was made a laughing stock of and is ridiculed by the Christians because he was Jewish. Antonio was always switching places with Shylock because sometimes when Shylock was a victim he would be a villain and when he was a villain Shylock would be a victim. I am a Jew. In short, they have been taught villainy, rather than it being an integral part of their personality. In order to trace this idea we should know why people in the Elizabethan era hates Jews

They speak of mercy and show none. As for Antonio I would make him a lot more caring but at the same time sly and evil but as well as that he would have to face a big change in his lifestyle as well as Shylock.

Shylock really a villain

DH Lawrence wrote astutely about what happens to a living work when the artist puts his finger in the pan, forcing its outcome. The best example of this I feel is pantomime. These two words are the total opposites of each other. The modern audience would have different views and opinions of the play and it would have been acted out differently. Portia comes from a rich and wealthy family her father has just died and in his will he has written that Portia must marry who ever chooses the right casket. Jews were forbidden to be successful businessmen in Venice, so the only occupation open to him was money lending which they exploited to the full, this gave Shakespeare an opportunity to capture sympathy and understanding from the reader towards Shylock As we learn from Shylock himself, the Christians of Venice are happy to borrow money from him, but refuse to accept him as part of Venetian society because they equate his religion with Satan. The character could have both good and evil aspects, creating a complex personality.

Was he mistreating her? To play him as a consummate comedic provocateur, then, as I saw him played by a young and juiced-up actor in Venice, is not at all to rescue him from obloquy.

This is b Bassanio receives a letter from Antonio; he sends his sends his final regards, saying how happy he was that Bassanio and Portia have at last got engaged.

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