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Our expert teams have been working expansively for years to ensure premium content for our users. In order to avoid this, try to come up with as many counter arguments as possible.

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Therefore, evaluate your essay over a period of time. On the other hand, an essay can elaborate and elucidate. The Company started operations in the year and launched its flagship product, the online database www. Quite often, when one frames an argument, one fails to see the counter argument. The existing employment structure must ensure actual, not merely formal equality of employment opportunity. We have also developed a mobile application providing access to our legal content, on the move, to remove limitations relating to time and geological location. Our mediums for providing data include both print and electronic media. Even notions of substantive equality which underscore the impact of the law, problematically presume the separateness of the judiciary and legal system from the institutions of the state and social and cultural conditions that constitute present conditions of inequality. Your research should ideally start off from Wikipedia research and basic books on tax law.

Traditionally, pregnancy disability was often used as an excuse for actual or constructive discharge, or for diminution in the terms and conditions of employment.

Manupatra is a well-recognized name and a trusted source for Indian Acts and Judgments.

Manupatra essay

Some are quick in writing. Women lack control of economic assets and often lack opportunities for education and training. Manupatra has been in the industry for nearly one and half decades now and has succeeded in providing a comprehensive database for Indian law students, practitioners as well as the judiciary. For him, it is all about being clear with the basics. The Company started operations in the year and launched its flagship product, the online database www. Therefore, evaluate your essay over a period of time. This essay is but illustrative of one strand woven into this fabric. Are you really up for that? He has also written in law journals et al, so he knows what he is talking about. Such institutional frameworks and structures continue to pose roadblocks in accommodating childbirth and parental responsibilities and contribute in widening the gulf between the employment status of men and women. Both are equally important. It is equally predictable that pregnancy will involve some period of disability during which the pregnant or recently pregnant employee will be unable to work. Overcoming Embedded Social Scripts This is where we come a full circle; social scripting by which these social roles are internalised perpetuate the assumed and assigned gender divisions even where there is no general or systematic relationship to biological sex.

Professionals across various fields, ranging from a banking official, a lawyer, law students, NGOs, government organizations etc. It is irrelevant and leaves little scope for creativity and originality unless one presents an incisive analysis of empirical data and draws linkages with the extant developmental programmes.

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Reconciling Reproductive Roles and Outside Employment Reconciling employment responsibilities and the demands of childbirth and child-rearing remains a crucial issue in the achievement of true equal employment opportunity for women.

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It would also bode well to keep in mind that as over 94 per cent 19 of the female work force is in the unorganized sector, an expanded menu of formal choices and opportunities is likely to benefit only token or elite women. The Copyright of the article is with the author. At BDLex we know that knowledge must perform in reality. If you are not acquainted with the subject, feel free to consult your faculty. Some are not. For instance, it will be counter-productive to write about gene patents when writing for a law review aimed at reaching out to the litigating lawyers. For him, it is all about being clear with the basics. Try to learn from them. The team of Manupatra works assiduously to ensure that its users have access to a regularly updated database and intuitive technology. Pregnancy is a predictable, foreseeable condition that will occur among a substantial portion of working women; the high incidence and social function of this condition distinguishing it from other disabling sex-specific conditions or illnesses. As Martha Nussbaum notes, the disability imposed by child bearing for a member of the labour force is to a large extent constructed by the absence of child care- both from the public sphere and the employer. If your basics are not clear, your arguments are bound to be flawed. George, a reticent genius who happens to be my classmate and good friend.
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