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She exaggerates in order to show how England treats the people versus how they should be treated. The central question and solution stayed the same. They're not intended to be submitted as your own work, so we don't waste time removing every error.

Each version was different in terms of what it asked of its audience. They're just wankers.

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The first paragraph, though, powerfully introduces the gradual hostility she feels towards the northern European country. Any type of essay. Moreover, the original piece is much more subjective, whilst mine, as it is a news report, is more objective.

She constitutes one of the many lost identities that came as a result of British colonization, and one of the many that will continue to seek a genuine understanding of the former governing country of the island.

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Kincaid writes in a formal and angst-ridden tone for an audience of people who are unknowing to what effects that the grandeur of other nations or the significance of imperialism can bring upon a nation as well as an individual. It seems as if one must embark on this sort of journey, and the completion of such will be highly fulfilling and will truly help to fathom their particular identity in the same way Kincaid did. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information. Imagery: Throughout the story, Kincaid uses imagery to help her audience imagine her life, and how she viewed England at different periods in her life. She presents her father as one of the men who have sacrificed their ability to think for themselves. An example of the parallelism Kincaid uses would be when she describes the products used in the colonies were all made in england, and how it left the looming awareness that everything that surrounded them was made in England, even down to the ideals instilled within their lives; all except the sea, the sky, and the air that they breathed. She desires Antiguans to realize how ridiculous they are by conforming to the British. They flee looking to prove that their real identity is far from the British isle nation, desiring to showcase their hatred towards England as a result of the way they were manipulatively taught in school during British colonization.
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On Seeing England for the First Time