Influential women in the late 19th century

She posited that everyone wins with a more educated populace. Read more about Joan Of Arc.

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Baber's educational ideas transformed the way schools taught geography. The time she set for her cross-channel swim — 14 hours, 31 minutes — was faster by nearly two hours than that set by any previous male swimmers Her refusal to give up her seat to a white person on a Montgomery bus in sparked the civil rights movement, which, in the s, eventually won equal rights She became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, in , part of the first all-female climbing team to be awarded a permit to climb the world's highest peak You scored 0—3 out of 12 Better luck next time! Click for larger image. Sendler saved the lives of over 2, children by convincing their parents that relocation were their best chances for living. Sutton paid for its schools by means of taxes on households with children only, thereby creating an active constituency in favor of universal education for both boys and girls. They believed a woman should dedicate herself to rearing God-fearing children to the best of her ability. The Chicago Woman's Club, which created the Protective Agency for Women and Children, presented bills to the legislature which later passed. There were many such voyages to America for this purpose the voyage being the first , with the tobacco brides promised free passage and trousseaus for their trouble. Calamity Jane.

Women in clubs raised money, worked with the Red Crossfinanced the Home Guard and set up communications within the community to share information quickly. Because of her spinster status, Cecelia was the sole owner of her land, could will it to whomever she wanted, and made business decisions regarding her property and her farm without having to consult anyone or worrying about heirs—all radical but historically accurate concepts.

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Had she just been the mother of Mary Shelley, the author of the Gothic novel Frankenstein, her entry might double. Their stories are full of adventure, romance, loss, and triumph. The National Park Service has turned the site of this convention, the Wesleyan Chapel and surrounding area, into a commemorative destination.

After he died, she raised a small fortune in the US and Europe to fund laboratories and to develop cancer treatments.

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D from Johns Hopkins University.

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