Hooks up crossword

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largest part of the brain crossword

Well executed concept. I really enjoyed solving this. Like, this only went to 21, and though I've definitely heard it, I probably haven't heard it or thought about it, clearly since Good job, Mark!

Then it fell into place — Mr. Not this time. This is from the second season — Mr. Constructor Notes I had a lot of fun making this, since there are a decent set of fish names that are long, well-known, and can be hidden across two or more words in a phrase.

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Perfume ingredient crossword

I recommend. That was enough. Not that thrilled with MOOK, either, as it feels borderline ethnic slur, even if it only rhymes with ethnic slur. Then it fell into place — Mr. Pretty trippy, right? They all work brilliantly, and each base phrase is solidly in the language. I really enjoyed solving this. Little did I know that the term goes back to the s , which makes this all the more belated I thought it was strictly 21st century. We could also say it was obscure vocabulary. So it's fine. Did not know: 43a.
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