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Students have to prove they can handle the coursework and research requirements before they can matriculate. What about the ALM degrees in information technology and management?

This brings up a related issue: The limited Extension School student community.

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In other cases, Harvard professors could not be enticed to teach at the Extension School. We have fall, spring, and summer admission cycles. Have a question? I also believe the Harvard Extension School ALM program that I enrolled in was more academically challenging than many full-time graduate programs at Harvard and elsewhere. Harvard Extended has entries, totaling well over , words, but the four lists below include what I consider to the most informative and interesting posts, essays, and asides. Admissions: Earn Your Way In To begin the admission process, you simply register—no application needed—for the following two graduate-level degree courses. I wasn't taking classes or working on my thesis for five whole years -- I took off one semester in the fall of when our second child was born, and there were several months-long breaks in and after my thesis proposal and final draft of the thesis were approved.

It takes years to complete, and is probably the most difficult research project that most students will ever undertake, with the exception of those who go on to write a doctoral dissertation or book.

These incidents are sometimes reported in the press, further damaging the reputation of the school and its students. I believe the new rules are appropriate -- the program really was getting too large, and attracted some people who seemed to value online convenience over academics.

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They quickly learn otherwise. Elitism is one reason for this state of affairs, but a misunderstanding of the Extension School and its bifurcated student body is also partially responsible see my comments regarding the name issue, below. Harvard could tolerate casual class takers and an associates degree program that graduated a handful of people every year, but it never anticipated the school would become a significant campus presence in its own right. This situation caused the Extension School to loosen the criteria to include "Harvard-Affiliated Instructors", including working professionals and non-faculty researchers from Harvard's huge staff. When their lies are inevitably exposed, they not only embarrass the people making the false claims, it also hurts the reputation of the Extension School. You'll also find many other posts about the Extension School, classes, and student life. Matriculated students who can't keep up with the academic demands will eventually be forced out by poor grades a B- or higher is required for each course and students must have a 3. I studied under Philip Kuhn , who has researched and taught Chinese history at Harvard for many decades. I designed and carried out an extensive computer content analysis also known as computer-assisted text analysis to test a disputed issue relating to Post-Mao foreign policy using Xinhua, China's official news agency. Launched Ipso Facto on a Harvard blogging platform in September Harvard Extended has entries, totaling well over , words, but the four lists below include what I consider to the most informative and interesting posts, essays, and asides.

Still, it's disappointing to graduate students who are very serious about their studies and want to get the most out of their Harvard experience. After this intensive week of on-campus instruction, you attend additional writing classes either online or on campus and submit a final piece of writing.

Students who register for on-campus coursework study under Harvard professors and recognized experts in their fields, and truly engage with them in the classroom.

Lastly, I must address issues relating to the Harvard Extension School's name.

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If I had the time and the inclination, I would probably do the same, despite the problems listed above. Another program-specific drawback was the lack of departmental affiliation.

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Creative Writing and Literature Degree Requirements