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On a more ideological level, Freitag has teamed up with the equally eco-conscious and non-conformist Swiss magazine Reportagen to fund documentaries and host discussions on the beauty and challenges of objective reporting. Costs incurred in submitting observations to the Court, other than the costs of those parties, are not recoverable.

Note the differences in the story told.

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Costs If the competent administrative authority refuses to grant the application for a change of name, administrative remedies are available to challenge such a decision. It is for the referring court to assess whether it may itself implement the rights conferred by Article 21 TFEU and recognise the right to recognition of the name acquired in circumstances such as those in the main proceedings or whether the applicant in the main proceedings must use the public law procedure referred to in the Law on changes of name.

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By a court order of 21st May , Mr Freitag adopted the applicant in the main proceedings, who thereby also acquired German nationality and has since then borne the surname Freitag. It imbues the product authenticity and soul. The change of name, which is subject to public administrative law, serves to eliminate detrimental effects in a specific case. Then a rack that features samples from the production. In those circumstances, the Amtsgericht Wuppertal Wuppertal District Court decided to stay proceedings and refer the following questions to the Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling: and 21 TFEU to be interpreted as meaning that the authorities of a Member State are obliged to recognise the change of name of a national of that State if that person is at the same time a national of another Member State and has, in that other Member State, by means of a change of name not associated with a change in family-law status, re- acquired his original family name received at the time of birth, even though the acquisition of that name did not take place during the habitual residence of that national in that other Member State and was carried out at his own request? Related products Abstract Switzerland enjoys a reputation of being a super clean country. In addition, the exercise by a national such as the applicant in the main proceedings of his rights under Article 21 TFEU cannot be called into question by the discretion enjoyed by the competent German authorities. Freitag has become more than a brand company to its employees, customers, neighbours. We contemplate the interesting vistas and equally intriguing orientation boards; listen to the trains, trucks and automobiles driving by and the people in the beer-garden below. It must be noted that, in its request, the referring court mentions the existence, also highlighted by the German Government and the European Commission, of a separate public law procedure, laid down by the Law on changes of name, by which a person may apply to the administrative authority for a change of name. Cycles, re-use, re-contextualizing are key words. According to the referring court, in so far as the applicant in the main proceedings had his habitual residence in Germany during the change of name process in Romania, Article 48 of the EGBGB is not applicable, since that provision makes the right to choose, by declaration to the registry office, a name acquired in another EU Member State subject to the condition that the name in question must have been acquired during a period of habitual residence in that other Member State, which is not satisfied in this case.

If, on the other hand, the competent administrative authority grants the application for a change of surname, it must ensure inter alia that the change of name gives rise to an update or is recorded in the civil register.

The facts of the dispute in the main proceedings and the question referred for a preliminary ruling After having studied the brand in depth for our bookand exchanged many e-mails with friendly Lena Fisler at Freitag, I was anxious to see and experience for myself what I had read up about them.

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Freitag has become more than a brand company to its employees, customers, neighbours. The inexperienced Freitag brothers had to learn their business lessons the hard way. You are buying into something. They are for employees to put to the test and talk about … and like everywhere, the process is neatly laid out and tracked via tags on the walls and on the bags.

It is said that this is the bridge the bothers looked onto from next door when they had their Eureka moment — urban legend?

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