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The scenario contains data tables which can be developed into graphs and charts to illustrate the data and to provide the writer with the opportunity to draw conclusion for the reader s.

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Qualifications This section may stand alone or be part of the benefits section. Both should be in the suggested format found in the textbook on pages and In other instances, it is combined with the implementation section. It is expected that numbers presented are accurate to the penny, unless otherwise specified by whatever margin of error is appropriate to the situation. You will prepare a letter of transmittal that will include authorization, a copy of that letter should be included in this report. Additionally, depending upon the receptivity of the audience to your solution, this section may come earlier or later in the report. Historical Background More often than not knowledge of the history of the problem can be crucial to understanding the report. It is important to consider balance and symmetry as the report is designed. Longer formal reports can have minor summaries at the end of each major division of the report in order to keep the reader focused and on track Long Formal Report see page Summary-Conclusions for an example at the end of the first section. You will extrapolate information directly from these tables and place those charts, graphs, data sets or abbreviated tables in the report. This section is generally presented after all the explanation of implementation, benefits, etc. Lack of knowledge about long formal report Lack of Experience In determining the structure of longer, more formal reports, you should view yourwork much as architects view theirs. Report Preview In long reports it is useful to use a preview in this assignment you will use a preview telling the reader how the report will be presented; what topics will be discussed first, second, third etc. The commonly accepted ratio of white space to text on a page is for readability. When it is appropriate, the writer should include who should do what, by when, where, why, and sometimes how it should be done.

It should review what past investigations have determined about the problem. Charts and illustrations should be in a box that includes the title, number and source. Sources and Methods of Collecting Information Research methodology explains how you got the information.

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State that during this time you will note what works and what needs to be changed. An introduction is used in all informal reports as well. The investigation was conducted under the your name of Central Research. Table of Contents and List of Illustrations: If the report is long enough to require a guide to its contents developing a table of contents can provide an Long Formal Report outline see figure page Table of Contents; and page which contains the List of Charts in the textbook. In cases where the report is not strictly formal the letter of transmittal can allow you to chat with your reader s and set a less formal and much friendlier tone for the report in general. Additionally, you will need to develop your bibliography to include your research and your tables. Any differences between proposal, progress report, and this report this report. If your audience is likely to be resistant to your recommendation, the evaluation should appear before you make the recommendation. This can be done in two ways:define each term in the text or as a footnote when it is first used in the report or you can define all unfamiliar terms in a separate part of the introduction. This section is key to the reader following and retaining key points of the report.

Even so, the eight parts covered in the following pages are generally included in long formal reports. Then determine what those readers need to know.

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Both should be in the suggested format found in the textbook on pages and This part is like a map of the report. The implementation period is usually a trial period to see if the solution is feasible as planned. Letter of Transmittal, Foreword, Preface: Most formal reports contain some form of personal communication from writer to reader see figure page in the textbook.

Kerning is used to space between letters and leading controls space between vertical lines.

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