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These exports rose by an estimated 61 percent last year overaccording to the Energy Information Administration EIA. Demand has been falling in all sectors since the mids and now hovers at levels.

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These targets are interrelated and critical to our overall success. Drivers of the decline are unclear, but energy efficiency might offer an explanation with relevance for European Union plans for renewable energy.

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Over a billion people live without it. He would like to share our energy bounty with the world and let the spirit of competition benefit consumers by providing more choices in the marketplace. Hydro makes up about 2. The relative homogeneity in energy consumption at the EU level reveals some disparities with consequences for any future potential efficiency gains.

The Celukan Bawang coal plant comprises three MW coal power plants. The output of services generally exceeds that of industry — financial services as opposed to metal recycling for example — such that the energy intensity of services is generally lower than that of industry.

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Energy policy of the European Union