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Eventually, Christy will fulfill Pegeen's poetic image of him, and even transcend it by the play's end. He was born into a family which was firmly grounded in the middle class, was landed and had:.

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Each relationship represents a different gradient of resistance to paternal oppression, with Christy demonstrating significant defiance. Christy liberates himself from the oppressiveness of the law by unshackling himself from the legal constraints, thus transforming himself into an emancipated individualist who is free from legal coercion, and who is at liberty to develop his individuality to the full.

Such representation is called symbolism. After Christy had told his story, his courage replaces Pegeen needs. The Playboy of the Western World both acknowledges the importance of this regeneration - by relating stories of the Irish countryside and evoking the myth and history of the country - while also subverting some of those elements, all in an attempt to help the culture grow without repudiating its past.

In writing The Playboy of the Western World, Synge serves us an Irish delicacy, in which lies the subtle yet memorable flavour of symbolism, in the midst of rollicking comedy and luscious language. In John Millington Synge's tragic realistic one-act play Riders To The Sea he explores the power struggle between man and the sea through the realistic portrayal of the fisherman mentality It provides a fascinating theory of the connection between reality and poetic extravagance.

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