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Affirmative action is still needed because America does not have enough equality and diversity.

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However, the concept of affirmative action is a controversial issue that continues to be hotly debated. Affirmative action programs have not eliminated racism, nor have they always been implemented without problems. In their wake, however, affirmative action policies have also spawned criticisms of reverse discrimination, and given rise to charges that in the long run, these policies harm the people they were intended to help.

The 19th and 20th centuries were times of fighting back; African Americans struggled to abolish slavery, end discrimination and gain citizenship rights Segregation has existed way too much in the past and has left people out of jobs, out of certain areas of town, and schooling.

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Glazer, N. It achieves this by enforcing diversity through operational intrusions into recruitment, selection, and other personnel functions and practices in America. These two historical events are driven by the desire of equality. Historically, affirmative action is only known to have protected African Americans and woman; however that is not the case. Dating back to the 15th century, African Americans callously experienced slavery, hatred, discrimination and other cruel forms of racial oppression. Through this paper, the concepts of affirmative action will be analyzed and discussed. He also became critical to the fact that politicians that said the program was geared toward blacks and only benefited them Is affirmative action still needed in America? The effects of nationally implemented legislation are difficult to track and quantify because of differences over time and across states Altonji and Blank, The consequences that evolved from this issue at hand have included a prolonged social stratification based on race.

But these days it seems to incite, not ease, the nations internal divisions. Although the practice of affirmative action necessitate equitable environment to operate in, it also infringe on rights of other individuals. Although the United States has made great strides in improving race relations over the past forty years, affirmative action continues to be one of the most controversial policies in America.

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Essay on Affirmative Action