Edgar allan poe and military academy

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On two occasions during the summer there were formal festivities — the Fourth of July and the end of the encampment. On May 26,he enlisted in the Army under the assumed name of Edgar A.

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He refused all intercourse with roommates and classmates. The most popular version says that Poe was filled suddenly with overwhelming disgust at the academy one evening at retreat parade, and planting his rifle in the ground by its fixed bayonet, carefully placed his full-dress hat upon it and walked from the field and straight through the gate.

Harrison New York: Crowell,V1, Such a scene I never before witnessed.

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We occasionally had public meetings to which the professors, officers and ladies were invited. New York: Gordian Press,1, Under the last heading are included seventeen different periodicals, eleven encyclopedias, and collections of works on philosophy and literature.

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Edgar Allan Poe: West Point