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Positive feedback from their supervisor, colleagues and other employees leads to the development of self confidence within them. Various multinational corporation measure the performance of their employees according to the international market conditions. Analyses indicated that the appraisal characteristics of action plans, frequency, and rater training were more positively related to appraisal satisfaction when subordinates experienced role conflict, were not closely monitored, and supervisors had a large span of control. For providing effective and efficient appraisal to employees there are certain appraisal techniques that are used by Nike to decide the actual value of appraisal that is sufficient for an employee to get motivated towards his work such as degree appraisal and Behaviourally anchored rating scales BARS. This combined with quality of their products has earned us reputation in the Market Place. The performance appraisal system clarifies the career prospects, aspirations and intentions. Corporate giants, both National and Multinational, have complimented their strategy of providing single point responsibility for Supply and Erection with highly motivated and trained In House Project Management Team to handle projects, whether it is small or big, simple or complex. Every project is executed with Micro Planning, to achieve the Milestones set out in the contract. Organization structure and design of the company is such that it supports this change. In the support of Pemberton, Hoskins and Boninti , Sukirno and Siengthai stated that performance dimensions of the organization should be clearly defined before adopting this 24 method.

Different Methods of Performance Appraisal: According to Bogardus organization has to use various methods to do the performance appraisal of employees.

In feedback form, some question are included that are evaluated through rating scale and person giving feedback can also write the comments for the 27 performance.

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It also includes suggestions on making the job interesting and challenging and plans to improve effectiveness. Sometimes employees in the organization are not clear about the objectives that affect the overall performance of organization. Any literature, data or works done by others and cited within this dissertation has been given due acknowledgement and listed in the reference section. The responsiveness in category of Partly True and Not True may be due to the face that job content in Jindal Brothers is flexible and not well defined and most people find it difficult to define their jobs. This type of performance appraisal helps the managers in arranging the employees from good to bad and more effective to least effective. For doing the international business employees should be adaptive according to the change in technologies. Further, traits that have been selected should be relevant and justified with the job. Again due to flexibility in job content, some people may have found problems in planning their performance systematically. Finally an overall assessment of the contribution of top management has been made towards improving the effectiveness of the organization. This method is very much useful as it makes the difference between the successful and unsuccessful performance. Secondary data: It was collected by reviewing different literatures, from published books, management journals, articles published by the other researchers on Degree Appraisal. We've seen from previous discussions, that people are one of a company's most valuable assets. In ranking method, comparison between the employees can be done. Auto Eng.

The easy appraisal is often used along with other types of appraisals, notably graphic rating scales. According to Lambertfor the performance appraisal of international companies, managers have to ensure that international employees and subsidiaries have to be concentrated towards the goals of home company.

It also helps in devising efficient methods to attain pre- determined plans. Dobbins The present study explored the moderating effects of organizational variables on the appraisal characteristic-appraisal satisfaction relationship.

Results indicated that social behavior factors are more highly correlated with the overall job performance of black ratees than for white ratees.

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Role and Importance of Performance Appraisal System: According to Morse performance appraisal system plays a very important role in human resource management.

The answers may have varied depending on proximity etc. In against of Cassidy, Kreitner and KreitnerDecenzo stated that behaviourally anchored rating scales technique is not an effective technique to judge the performance of the employees as sometime rating is based on the perception of the manager and the process is time consuming.

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This identification helps in identifying the need for further recruitment and selection of suitable candidate. From the above discussion, it can be summarized that this chapter of dissertation helps in identifying the aims and objectives of research topic.

In the diversity management programs, managers have to integrate the performance appraisal system to make the program successful.

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