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I was also scared of taking a cut in salary, scared of what my family and friends would think, and scared of losing the status I'd worked so hard to achieve. Don't overthink it; just write down your thoughts.

Hastings wondered "How come movie rentals don't work like a health club, where, whether you use it a lot or a little, you get charged the same? I want to share my delicious recipes with as many people as possible! Getting an idea can be as simple as keeping your eyes peeled for the latest hot businesses; they crop up all the time.

At a certain point though — and this is scary — there is no one to ask permission from. Some will envy your courage; others will resent you for having the guts to actually do something.

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My initial approach was to come home from work, wrap myself in my bedding, and go round and round in circles in my head analysing what else could I do. Think of your career change as an expedition, not a day-trip.

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How To Change Career When You Have No Idea What You're Doing