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Stop-motion was able to create just the right balance of creepiness so that the movie lived up to its expectations from the novel without being too scary for the intended audience. On the contrary, it diminishes it and doesn't provide enough lasting details of the evil lady's backstory, history or motivation.

She even finds that the feral black cat that wanders around the house in the real world can talk. The Other Mother's severed hand attempts to seize the key, but steps on the blanket and falls into the well. It's another example of her being "brave, tricky and wise," and she even does it days after her big escape, proving her strength even further.

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This doesn't make much sense since he's supposed to be the creation of the Beldam, but it does provide striking visual effects. If their souls can be rescued from the Other Mother, then the ghosts can pass on.

In the garden, Coraline is prompted by the cat to challenge the Other Mother, as "her kind of thing loves games and challenges.

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He is defiant of the Other Mother, but seems to tremble at the thought of being stuck in the Other World forever. Plot[ edit ] Coraline Jones and her parents move into an old house that has been divided into flats. They signal to her by writing "Help Us" on the glass, from which Coraline deduces the Other Mother has kidnapped them. Coraline returns to the house, greeting her neighbours who finally get her name right , and getting ready for school tomorrow. She feels some empathy for her Other Mother at the very slightest and realizes that the Beldam wants a strong mother-daughter bond that she doesn't fully understand how to make. Have at me!! Also in the film, Mr. Why, oh why?? Then again, there are also fans who appreciated the addition of another character, especially since it gave the two some humorous moments to share in the movie. Neil Gaiman is one of the only authors whose books really live independently on screen and in paper. Also, the movie introduces a character named Wybie who is also not present in the book; Wybie acts as a companion for Coraline in the movie, but does not alter the plot very much. He cares about Coraline very much and is kind, brave, and helpful. They own many ageing Scotties , such as Hamish, Angus, and Jock, and talk in theater jargon, often referencing their time as actresses.

In the film, Coraline is depicted as having short blue hair and freckles.

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