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Even more importantly, in the face of an external threat and the ambiguity of American patronage, this project which at one and the same time brought about considerable savings while, at the same time, enhancing the defense capabilities of Europe jointly and severally. Paradoxically, the failure to cooperate has also weakened each state individually, since the magnitude of expense simply removed certain projects from national agendas.

Moreover: important as it is that the principles constructed by legal scholarship reflect their possible philosophical bases, it is as essential that, in pluralistic societies, the legal principles keep their distance to philosophical and ideological discourses in order to remain potential projection screens for similar, but factually divergent constructs.

I do not think that outcome legitimacy alone explains all or, perhaps, even most of the mobilizing force of the European construct.

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Chronologically, the founding value and primordial plot of the Community narrative is the common market. Their values were in place but evidently they lacked the virtues necessary to vindicate such. Furthermore, it must be noted that the nationals of the states brought together in the Community are called upon to cooperate in the functioning of this Community through the intermediary of the European Parliament and the Economic and Social Committee.

The Melloni case law points in the same direction when ruling on Art.

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Does the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights Threaten the Supremacy of Community Law?