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As a student, your time will usually be spent in a classroom during the morning hours, and participating in some kind of hands-on work during the afternoon. Can be conducted as part of a single Cornell block course or for one to two blocks in length or for a traditional semester or full academic year. Typically, time availability and location are limited as students must combine with semester and campus-based courses. This makes attending a typical college or university tricky, as he would need to miss the end of most schools' first semester, and much of the spring semester as well. When considering where you might go to college, look at all your options. Eventually, someone out there realized that not all students like this particular schedule. Classes typically meet hours per day, Monday-Friday, but professors are free to schedule classes outside of that format. Typically, four to five classes per semester. Cornell College Cornell College is located in Mt. The College also offers a winter half-block and a summer session. Cornell College Mount Vernon, IA : At this block-plan school, students take one class for 18 days, three to four hours a day, Monday through Friday, followed by a break of four and a half days.

His training required him to miss classes during much of the months of November through March. Students take 3 classes per week trimester. The Block Plan entails taking one course at a time for three and a half weeks and professors teach one at a time, as well.

Typically, time availability and location are limited as students must combine with semester and campus-based courses. However, the admissions department in these schools might be willing to allow a student to attend only selected blocks during a term.

As a result, I spent a lot of hours doing Google searches and looking at various schools' websites to see if they have a calendar that would work for my kid. If you sign up for a marine biology class, you just might end up in the Caribbean for a block!

Spalding University Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Spalding University offers students another form of non-traditional scheduling which allows for in-depth study and flexibility. Know another college or university that runs on a non-traditional schedule?

Thirty-two blocks at CC.

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For more information on specific classes be sure to check out the Molecular Biology Department Classes. Bates College Lewiston, ME : The Short Term is a five-week period of unusual courses frequently conducted off campus that cannot be accommodated during the regular semester.

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