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Denham is a millionaire but still plays football pools. This farmer is also amused by Herriot. Herriot realizes that fear is worse than the hurt leg. Herriot realizes he needs to schedule fewer farms per day to check, and the rest of the farmers this day are angry with him. He hears a noise in her bones and decides that she has a broken pelvis and probably will not walk again. Farnon is frustrated, and pulls off a huge length, so much that he must stand to stitch. The local lord's thoroughbred has skinned its knee!

In this book you'll meet Mrs. He rushes to her house, fearing for her animals. Click here to see the rest of this review The review of this Book prepared by Alexandra Cossaboom This is the start to one of the most famous series of all time - James Herriot's books about his life as a veterinarian in Northern England.

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Chapter 49 The brakes in the Austin are shot, and Herriot has to drive it for some time like this, since Siegfried always forgets to have it done. Herriot checks the dog and finds a tumor that is not operable. Chapter 53 A poor farmer named Rudd has finally saved up enough money to buy a cow, and he is pleased when he can finally get her. The dog has a dislocated hip, and he and Helen work together to pop it back into place. It's soothing stuff. Chapter 26 Herriot calls on a farmer with six sick steers. And boy are there more stories! Chapter 2 Herriot remembers the day he came to talk to his would-be boss, Siegfried Farnon, with only a little hope that he would get a paid position.

Chapter 44 Herriot is trying to woo Helen Alderson, whom he met on a farm call. One family has asked him to take them to a concert he is also attending, but they proceed to eat a sumptuous lunch, and eventually Herriot is late to the concert, and has to endure the irritation of the other audience members.

Chapter 28 We meet the knacker in this chapter.

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A young lady named Helen takes him to the place where the cow is. Their honeymoon falls in the same period of time as tuberculosis testing, but they happily they spend it driving the countryside and going to the farms to test the local cows.

Instead, she recovers, and he and the Rudds are very happy that she is back to her regular self again.

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