Case study on corporate social responsibility of mncs in india

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They therefore have a strong bond with children. China seems to be least communicative on a number of CSR issues. Coca-Cola India undertakes a diverse range of activities for the benefit of the community across the country Deepak Kaul, MNCs are working hard to create their identities, reputations and the goodwill associated with being a good corporate citizen into their marketing initiatives in efforts to garner sustainable competitive advantages.

case study on corporate social responsibility with questions

Gray, R. But when there is real substance - real activity and achievements - then there is a real marketing story to tell.

Case study on corporate social responsibility with questions and answers

Keeping norms. The award has been conferred to Coca-Cola India for its efforts in water conservation and management and community development initiatives. Governments, consumer groups, and social organizations worldwide are demanding increased social accountability by multinationals. As world changes, so do consumer attitudes and expectations of brands. The results shows that the desire to be a good corporate citizen and improved brand image are the main drivers of CSR among companies. Economic performance and social responsibility can go hand in hand, when there is a genuine consideration to make an impact on the communities and the environment. According to Canon, All people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future. The brand building process is gradual, sustained one that needs a lot of investment both financial as well as intellectual. Today, for the more the right thing to do.

Rakesh Kumar www. Clearly, measures of intangible assets and their dependencies are growing more important.

Case study on corporate social responsibility of mncs in india

Companies such as Nike and Hewlett-Packard have led the way by making information available online regarding their supply chains. The increase in competition among traditional firms in the emerging markets like India.

Corporations have emerged as one of the foundations of modern global society.

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Lalitha M. Given that CSR can appeal to anyone from consumers and employees to the government and NGOs, it is easy to see why corporations are striving to become socially responsible Robert Gray, Melissa Davis , Cause Related consumerism, viewed 8 August , www. Corporate Social Responsibility is what an organization does to influence the society positively in which it exists. The importance of all forms of global corporate social responsibility CSR is evident with the increasingly widespread adoption of ISO and ISO management systems by global corporations. Through our divide is one of the most important actions partnerships, our technology innovations, we can all take to secure the future of our our people and our resources we are proud youth. A company considered socially responsible can get benefit both by its enhanced reputation with the public as well as its reputation within the business community. It's our commitment to technology has touched, life has changed communities around the world. The Security three initiatives within the environmentally sustainable campaign are: Openness Enabling customers to think green Environment Sustainability The end user has always been a focus area Security for all the initiatives at Microsoft. As world changes, so do consumer attitudes and expectations of brands. The primary objective of this globalization that has been weeping across markets. Acting social and ethical responsible has become an expectation rather than a differentiation strategy to obtain organizational legitimacy.
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