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The company was however able to pay significant dividend pay-out and to make son buy back policies.

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Looking at financial reports for the period —the company disclosed a good profitability, cash flow generation and efficient return on invested capital. In addition, the company can take the opportunity to provide safer and more satisfactory to meet or exceed the laws of the consumer.

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Strategy and business aspects will allow appreciating the impact of the organization and external factors that have affected the performance of the company. Annual financial figures for Toyota are related to accounting values reported in March the 31st,and and have been analysed in order to see if accounting policies were changed or if the company changed some assumptions used to estimate some liabilities such as pension debts or goodwill impairments.

Research objectives and research questions 1. The company is pursuing strategies in order to improve its competitive positioning thanks to the entry in new markets, the launch of new innovations e. Get in touch.

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