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Free atomic bomb and cover: the novel the ballad of the missing essay. People proudly posted stickers on their homes to show that they were prepared with a bomb shelter in the severe case of attack by an atomic bomb. Basically, there is no much difference between aproned housewife in fifties, who seriously believes that hiding under the table constitutes a very effective protection against nuclear explosion, and todays soccer mom, who is convinced that the real reason why Islamic terrorists target America is because they cannot stand a sight of American women wearing short skirts, as our President want us to think.

Government spokespeople would tell the citizens that there was no depression, when in truth the country was in the midst of one. The reason is simple producers wanted the viewers to come up to their own conclusions, in regards to the methods our politicians use, when it comes to ideological brainwashing.

They just got to know how to say it to them to make sure that no one would start freaking out cause that can be really bad.

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As more and more politicians discussed the chance of communist traitors in the USA, the more paranoid and frightened the public became of the imminent threat from the atomic bomb. Apparently, Loader and Rafferty wanted viewers to come to realization that the progress in civil defense tactics, which we now associate with Reagan's era, had illusionary essence.

If the people were to know that they are in extreme danger than a lot of bad things can happen like destruction of buildings, cars stores etc… The United States would be in trouble before the bomb even hits. They collect intelligence on our troops, weapons technology, and vulnerabilities. Outline: Political aspects p.

In their documentary, Loader and Rafferty suggest that arms race, as socio-political phenomenon, has absurdist nature. Atomic cafe essay The atomic cafe thesis Mahtaab bagherzadeh wins cafe documentary custom essay on track. It is clear that producers strived to expose the sheer futility of duck and cover tactics, when it comes to protecting people from the effects of nuclear explosion.

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