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Poor Morris … We are dealing, then, with a movement imitative in its conception—imitative of nature and, even more, of literature—which took thirty years to decline thoroughly ca. This is single-stroke aquarelle sketching, fresh and swift, of delicate moods, especially vagrant states of mind drifting from small events of nature and environment to concurrent and subjectively related small events of the inner life, and back.

It is schematic, tendentious, and incomplete.

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Other references are either brief reviews or remarks within essays on Russian literature. Despite the criticism that Anna Karenina is actually two novels, Tolstoy insisted that it is one novel. A common thread in her poetry is the use of magical pictures and religious aspects; also, St.

In many poems written during the second World War she extols the beauty of her land and the magnitude of the martyrdom and sacrifice of her people in throes of a ruthless enemy. The colors are vividly and exactly given. Something in its mood, blended of effusiveness and languor, and in the hints of decorative sensual detail dazzling dark-blue faience, limp morocco leather makes manifest the nature of Akhmatova's unsought appeal to Jugendstil taste.

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It was in the crossroad of these revolutionary events that Anna Akhmatova was born in There is also a need for a detailed, and disciplined, study of specific aspects of Akhmatova's works: her prosody; the variety and unity of her themes; her world-view, especially in the late period; the nature of her love lyrics; her patriotic poetry; and her relationship to both the Tsarist and the Communist regimes. Only Stalin's death and a relative liberalization of the literary life afterwards brought Akhmatova back to public life and made feasible the publication of a number of writings about her. She refused to give into Stalin's demands, and these poems were a symbol of her determination. Basic with her are amorous-erotic motifs, intertwined with motifs of sorrow, yearning, death, mysticism, a sense of doom. Anton Chekhov gives his readers a snapshot of a young woman in such a scenario in his short story Anna Round the Neck. It was a cry for recognition and the need for equality. Meanwhile the need exists for a survey that constitutes an account of her publication, of the basic features of her life and work, and of the secondary literature, with some suggestions for future research. The announced book by the Soviet critic Dobin may fill this gap. She wanted people to related directly with the horror of Stalin. The Akhmatova Phenomenon Among the remaining witnesses of the 20th century's "remarkable decade" in Russian poetry, , many still speak with animation and awe of the change of air in poetry which was heralded by Evening, Anna Akhmatova's first volume of verse. While the first of these difficulties can be solved simply by comparing her early and later poems, the second will most likely remain shrouded in mystery for some time Consequently it is helpful to treat the two major periods of her creativity separately.

Oppositional political parties were formed, in violation of the law. Like Gogol, Coleridge, and her close friend Mandelstam, she was a homeless rover and valued possessions so little that she was glad to free herself of them as of a weight. In the second stanza and the third, a step is taken into "normal" human milieu and unconcerned nature, for the sake of poetic foil, or respite perhaps, but not for a restoration of self, or pathetic fallacy; or its mirror image, a theatrical demonstration that there is no refuge in nature or the ordinary.

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Surkov, one of the leading "apparatus" men in the literary field, set the tone for a new policy toward Akhmatova when he declared she had entered the ranks of Soviet poets "as a mature writer, made wise by many years of hard living and hard thinking.

This man, called "mother ", this love, called" Motherhood ". To depict and tell the story of these events, three authors wrote their own experiences during this time.

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Akhmatova, Anna: General Commentary