An introduction to the debt of the united states

Then how did the situation worsen? Author Alanna Ritchie is a content writer for Debt. What makes U.

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If the government cuts spending too much, economic growth will slow. Their costs, which currently account for 47 percent of all federal spending, are expected to surge as a percentage of GDP because of the aging U.

An introduction to the debt of the united states

How It Affects the Economy Moderate increases in the debt will boost economic growth. After receiving end-of-day reports from about 50 different sources such as Federal Reserve Bank branches regarding the number of securities sold and redeemed that day, the Treasury calculates the total public debt outstanding, which is released the following morning. This, in turn, makes the national debt level a national security issue Methods Used to Reduce Debt Governments have many options when trying to reduce debt, and throughout history, some of them have actually worked. In the United States, an example is with some municipal bonds. Debt holders demand larger interest payments. The same effect occurs with the employees the federal government hires directly. A report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service suggests that a loss of confidence in the debt market could prompt foreign creditors [PDF] to unload large portions of their holdings, thus inducing others to do so, and causing a run on the dollar in international markets and a sudden spike in U.

Most governments can safely finance their deficits instead of balancing the budget. Cutting spending has pitfalls. Government expenditures are the highest for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and national defense.

Understanding the National Debt Because debt plays such an integral part of economic progress, it must be measured appropriately to convey the long-term impact it presents.

Within a year, however, an economic recession led the government to start borrowing, and it would never again be debt-free.

effects of national debt on the economy

The federal government owes this to other government departments. Congress could not finance the Revolutionary war with large tax raises, as the memory of unjust taxation from the British stood fresh in the minds of the American public. However, a few economists, including Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, maintain that some of the debt concerns are overblown and suggest that Washington still has decades to tackle the problem.

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Government Debt, Entitlements, and the Economy