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The cry of the majority should be heard. Crang, M. These people were denied some basic rights by the police on the claims that they were not supposed to use the park for that purpose. What will be his Communications.? Why External Debt of a Nation is Important? The joining of the police force in the movement can be interpreted as a symbol of discontent that every worker in the government payroll is experiencing. More often they appear to be coalescing around individual issues or demands. The Occupy Wall Street protesting is most positively a progressive step for the economic state in America and it is a step in the right direction Otherwise, this movement will grow into an uncontrollable majority that may even overthrow the ruling government.

Just like any other movement forged in the past, the movement provides the people with a platform to air their grievances.

We should not forget that there is always room for change. It is evident that this is something that has been going on for a long time.

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If at any point the warranting situations being addressed by the movement are not solved, the movement will turn into a corporation that fights for the rights of the oppressed. Unlike other traditional movements that faded with time, the unity depicted in this movement is bound to see the movement liberate its followers from oppression of the mighty. But at the same time majority of the people are confused. Thus, these people did not behave with respect to the expectations of the general public and the owners, too. So dominant west is not dominant any more. The more we perceive the social power of money and align ourselves with that wider social movement in a given moment, the more we become instruments for its arrival, both for ourselves and the collectives we are part of. Need an essay on the same topic? Majority of participant have raised doubts about Democratic system and Capitalism. Along the fault lines of civilization, the OWS strives to build a cultural thriving for sanity and justice. The uprising of the movement brought the face of the president to shame in the view of the world. The researcher also dwells upon some issues concerning social justice Kitchin, These are mostly largely leaderless groups taking to streets, they are better in articulating what they are against they still struggle to define what they actually want. Even though, the protesters are not targeting the end of capitalism, it is quite clear that their fight is for a democratic capitalism, where people are not misused for pursuit of profit. In order for them to have their outcry given attention, they tend to move to the localities in which they believe they will catch the attention of the oppressors.

It is this that has slowed down the economy. The overall intent of Occupy Wall Street was connected with those receiving end crossing and wanting to cross barriers, occupy places meant for public use or even to air their dissatisfaction.

Money is good only when it is spread out. People are confused about the performance of President Obama. Apart from this, it is essential to analyze the outcomes of the protests.

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In the light of an individual who is a member of the movement, all the blame goes to the government and the people in power. The cry of the majority should be heard.

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So the only thing they can instantly think is arrests, tear gas, preventing movements. Majority of them feel there is nexus of corporate with political Governance. Some of these people were from the local area and from Egypt, Spain, and Japan. The focus is on the Occupy Wall Street movement that was launched on September 17th and was catalysed by Adbusters activist Micah White. How will the corporate world face this Crisis? Trust our capacity to live the change we believe in. There is a sense among young people that their generation is different. November 2nd, Under this further modification of the gold standard, most countries settled their international balances in U. Geography and Social Justice.

External Debt. This is despite the fact that movement, and the protestors are peaceful.

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Occupy Wall Street Essay