A research on cameras and photography

New York: Guilford. Marking new directions in performance ethnography.

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Despite the extreme stress the students conveyed, only one international student expressed direct dissatisfaction with his studies. Submissions could be made either through social media or by e-mail. The meanings shifted also to some extent, depending on whether the photographs were analyzed all together as performing a collective identity or if each individual's photographs were analyzed separately as performing an individual identity.

These photographs need verbal explanations in order for the reader to fully understand them. However, this kind of influence does not necessarily influence the content or composition of the photograph.

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Without being part of a study the participants would not take the photos. An American woman was the only student who connected her job with her studies; she taught undergraduate classes as part of her job as a teaching assistant.

Co-producing video diaries: The presence of the "absent" researcher.

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There are difficulties in using photographs as data because few are trained to do so. Hence, a brief text written by the participants as a complement to the photograph would have made the identity performance more complete and understandable for outside viewers and readers.

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Computational Photography & Intelligent Cameras