A discussion of virtue in the philosophy of aristotle and its application to drunk driving

Aristotle holds that the same is true for human beings attempting to develop their virtuous character traits in attempt to live the good life. Aristotle's example of Milo the wrestler, who needs more food than the rest of us do to sustain him, seems to say this, but I think that misses the point.

Aristotle argued that since different people may act differently in the same situation there are no inherently bad actions. Why isn't all habituation of the young of this sort?

aristotle virtue ethics

This unprecedented control of presenting oneself can be very appealing to young people, who are in the process of constructing their own identity. Although neither may be his intention for the evening, it is obvious that the less erroneous of the two is sobriety.

Argumentative essays on virtue ethics

Regarding people with disability, who might experience people treating them differently in real life perhaps they feel people pity them or that they are too quick to agree with them in order to not hurt their feelings , the Internet offers them the opportunity to socialize and express themselves without being defined by their handicap, ethnicity or social status. Alasdair MacIntyre: Critic of Modernity. If a drunk driver chooses to continue driving drunk the vice , he will never attain moral excellence. That monster, custom, who all sense doth eat Of habits evil, is angel yet in this, That to the use of actions fair and good He likewise gives a frock or livery, That aptly is put on. Munn makes the case that such online games provide ample opportunities for players to participate together in the same activity e. As a defense of his argument, he offers research conducted by Konrath et al. Generosity Profligacy 22We must keep in mind the agent-centred nature of Aristotelian Virtue Ethics when considering these examples. In Plato's image we draw knowledge up out of ourselves; in Aristotle's metaphor we settle down into knowing. The main point of departure in their analysis is the application of the Aristotelian theory on friendship. At the very least, we can claim that this remains an open question. They believed our ability to reason was the thing that defined us as human beings—anything that undermined our rationality was deemed an ethical no-go.

Contact Author The Greeks were the first to initiate the unreservedly rational investigation of the universe and thus became the forerunners of Western philosophy and science. Hughes, Gerard J. But constantly maintained anxiety is not the kind of stable equilibrium Aristotle attributes to the virtuous human soul.

Temperance: Temperance is a mean between the extreme of self-indulgence and insensibility with respect to the desire for pleasures of the body eating, drinking, and sex. In a similar vein, Schols has conducted sociological research on the Internet use and social cohesion of adolescents in the Netherlands.

It is the condition in which all the powers of the soul are at work together, making it possible for action to engage the whole human being.

He uses this concept to explain the thesis: Virtue is a disposition concerned with choice.

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