7th grade essay writing prompts

Why do we feel such joy when our 'team' wins?

Expository writing prompts 5th grade

Do you consider yourself to be an organized person? Have you ever felt like you had to do something because a friend asked you to? Write a paragraph showing me that a character called Annie is very angry. What might be better? Spend five minutes looking around the classroom. Who do you contribute to, and why? How did you do it? Try to explain what makes where you live different from other places. What questions still remain? Do you think you would enjoy being famous? Imagine you knew you had lived a past life, but your parents just would not believe you. Is there anything you can do to change that? Imagine if it didn't get dark tonight.

Write an essay describing your ideal bike, using order of location. Dogs - You have two pets of different species. If you could travel back in time and change any one thing about your past, would you? If you had to choose three books to take to a desert island, which would you pick and why?

In order to hone these skills, seventh-grade students need regular practice writing a variety of essay styles, including narrative, persuasive, expositoryand creative essays.

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What happens when you walk through it? Is too much money spent on hosting the Olympics? Write a story about its journey from the sender to you.

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They say bats are blind, how come they don't fly into walls? Do you think this is fair or unfair?

7th grade essay writing worksheets

Should teachers require students to do homework? Using the name, Boris Botterlittle, give him habits, characteristics etc of at least five different people you know.

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Pretend you are writing a diary which will be read by someone years in the future. Imagine being a nice vampire, what steps would you take to ensure you did not 'fang' anyone. When students journal, they have the freedom to fully explore their thoughts without interruptions or the fear of judgment from others. Research the science behind this and write a short piece outlining the answer to the above. Describe what happened when you met your best friend for the first time. Explain this special quality. Best of all, they also frequently come to understand themselves, their actions, and their emotions even better when they can trace their journey back on the page. Want to use these seventh grade writing prompts for your fourth grade class? Invite your reader into your narrative with vivid details for all senses. Imagine if you found out your grandpa was working for another country as a spy and you found out. Have you ever felt like you had to do something because a friend asked you to? Why do we feel such joy when our 'team' wins? What about this career appeals to you? Write a review about the most recent movie or TV show you loved—and try to convince other people to see it. Image showing a famous character from the past the modern version of where they once lived.
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